Matt Ambrogi

Recurse Center Weekly Recap #11

This past week I spent my time working on a new project, doing LeetCode problems, and working with other Recursers. To me, that feels like the right groove to be in.

Most days I wake up and work on a project for a few hours before I do anything else or talk to anyone. I eat lunch and get back to work at 1:00 for our daily LeetCode group. After the meeting I like to read up on alternate solutions or concepts I’m fuzzy on for a while.

With that schedule, I usually end up pausing to reorient myself around 2:30-3:00 everyday. After that I try to keep my time open to pair, attend meetings, or jump back into something I’m interested in.

I really enjoy this soft structure for my days. I feel I’ve fallen into a groove that works well for sustainable progress. Officially, I only have one week left of RC. But instead of doing anything special, I plan to just ride out this groove I've found. To work on projects, do some algorithms, and collaborate with my batch-mates.

I feel a bit of anxiety at this experience coming to a close. But the biggest advantage of doing RC in its virtual form is that it doesn’t really have to end. Not right away at least.

I’m taking a week or so off after RC and taking a trip out to San Francisco. But afterward I plan to get right back into the flow of things. I’ll likely begin to incorporate a bit more strategy into what I work on, but overall things will look the same for a while: working on projects, studying algorithms, and talking to interesting people. So I’m trying to look at this week less as the end of RC and more as the last week before I turn the page and start the next chapter of this journey.

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